The Conference will host a series of symposia coordinated by international experts on the topics of the Conference. Each symposium will consist of 4 or 5 contributions which will develop various aspects of the overall theme of that symposium.

Each symposium will last approximately 90 minutes during which there will be the contributions of the experts and a question and answer session. For questions or doubts on the symposia and/or on contributions by invitation, consult FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ON SYMPOSIA AND ON CONTRIBUTIONS TO SYMPOSIA; if your question is not included, send it via the following Questions not answered in the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS on symposia Module.

Proposal for a symposium

Deadline 10th July 2021.  The Organizing Committee of CIEI 2021 invites experts from all over the world to propose a symposium related to one this year’s topics. Coordinators can propose and register the symposium of their choice for CIEI 2021 via the link below: Proposals for symposia

Submission of contributions to symposia

CONTRIBUTIONS TO SYMPOSIA ARE NOT REGISTERED ON THIS PLATFORM. The Coordinator of each symposium will be responsible for registering the contributions. 

Deadline for submission and registration of invited contributions to symposia is 30th SEPTEMBER 2021.

Contributions to symposia are exclusively by invitation from the Coordinator. Therefore no works should be sent on personal initiative and no works can be registered as panel contributions. Contributions to symposia should be of high scientific value and for this reason the organizers of CIEI 2021 are happy to accept multi-author contributions. The Coordinator of each symposium will be responsible for registering the symposium (uploading the data for the symposium and distributing it to the authors). Within 5 days of the registration of the symposium, the Scientific Committee of CIEI 21 will communicate via email the acceptance and the details for registration of the invited contributions.

Rules for the submission of invited contributions

TEMPLATE FOR INVITED CONTRIBUTIONS: original contributions will be accepted only if they comply to the Submission Template of the Conference (failure to use this Template will mean rejection). Authors are responsible for the originality of works proposed. The contribution must be sent in Microsoft Word (2010 or later) following the CIEI21 template. Contributions sent in other formats or earlier editions will not be accepted.

Front page: Title of the paper in the language chosen (Spanish, English or Italian); Author(s) and Institution (full names, no initials) up to a maximum of four authors; Institution and email address of the corresponding author.

PUBLICATION: Works will be published as chapters of a book published by Dykinson which will be listed in SPI Q1, with the authors’ permission.  Publication will only be made if ALL the authors have completed Registration and payment of the Registration fee for the Conference.

LENGTH: Contributions should be between 8 and 13 pages in length, from the title to the References (excluding abstract and key words) and should follow the Template provided.

LANGUAGE: Papers may be submitted in Spanish, English or Italian and should follow the Template provided for the language in which they are written.

STRUCTURE: Papers should comply to the following structure, whether they are original research or an account of innovative experience: Introduction, methods and materials, results, discussion, conclusion and references. Bibliographical reviews should follow the PRISMA Statement structure. The index may be modified according to the typology of the work.

APA 7: Tables, figures and bibliographical references must follow the APA (7th Edition) Guidelines.

For any doubts or questions on symposia, please click on the button and use the Module above.