Registration fees for the Conference are as follows:

Virtual modality, reduced Registration fee until 15th November 2021:

  • Undergraduate students: 30 Euros.
  • Post-graduate students: 60 Euros.
  • Other professionals: 120 Euros.

Virtual modality, standard Registration fee from 16th November to 4th December 2021:

  • Undergraduate students: 55 Euros.
  • Post-graduate students: 80 Euros.
  • Other professionals: 150 Euros.

The Registration fee should be paid via bank transfer to the bank account given below or via Paypal as follows: NAME AND SURNAME OF THE INDIVIDUAL AND CIEI  – passport or identity card number.



OpenBank: ES85 0073 0100 5805 0590 6404

Pago de la inscripción al Congreso CIEI | Firenze 2021

Requests for receipts

Once a request for a receipt has been made, it will no longer be possible to cancel your attendance at the Conference.

Once the module has been sent, it will no longer be possible to alter the information sent, nor will it be possible to alter details on the receipt. For this reason, you are requested to check the accuracy of the information you send very carefully and, if necessary, contact your University, Institution, etc. to discover what information needs to be included on the receipt.

The date on your receipt will match the date on which payment was made; thus, if payment is made during 2021, the receipt will be made out for 2021 and the date of payment; if payment is made during 2022, then the receipt will be made out in that tax year.