Panel papers will be accepted only if submitted following the Conference template;  failure to do so will mean rejection.

Each paper must relate to one of the 6 Topic areas of the Conference. In order for the paper to be accepted for publication by Dykinson, each author (including all authors of multi-author papers) must have completed their Registration for the Conference. No paper may have more than four authors. No author may submit more than one paper. Submission of more than one paper will lead to the exclusion of that author.

Rules for submission

Papers must be submitted in Spanish, English or Italian.

The paper should be between 8 and 13 pages in length. It should follow the Template given below, according to the language in which it is written.

Front page: Title of the paper in the language chosen (Spanish, English or Italian); Author(s) and Institution (full names, no initials) up to a maximum of four authors; Institution and email address of the corresponding author.

Papers should comply to the following structure, whether they are original research or an account of innovation experience: Introduction, methods and materials, results, discussion, conclusion and references. Bibliographical reviews should follow the PRISMA Statement structure. The index may be modified according to the typology of the work.

Tables, figures and bibliographical references must follow the APA (7th Edition) Guidelines.

The paper must be submitted in Microsoft Word (2010 or later), NOT in pdf, following the template.

El plazo de entrega de comuThe deadline for submissions was 22 November 2021.