Solo se admitirán aportaciones que se encuentren correctamente adaptadas Only contributions that are correctly adapted to the congress template will be accepted, failure to use the template will be grounds for rejection.

Each research paper must be framed within one of the 7 topic areas of the congress. In order for the scientific work to be definitively accepted and published in the book of the Dykinson publishing company, it will be necessary to have the registration of all the authors in the Congress formalized.

Each scientific work may not have more than four authors, a maximum of one contribution per author.

Presentation rules

Papers may be submitted in Spanish, English and Portuguese.

The paper must contain a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 13 pages. The design will be the one established in the following template (according to the language of presentation).

Front page: Title of the paper in the language of the contribution in English, Portuguese or Spanish depending on the main language; Author/s and institution (without initials, full names) not to exceed four authors; institution and e-mail of the correspondent author.

It is recommended that the text has the following structure depending on whether it is an investigation or an innovation experience: Introduction, material or method, results, discussion, conclusions and references. The literature reviews will follow the structure of the PRISMA statement. The index may be modified according to the typology of the study.

Tables, figures and bibliographic sources must be cited and referenced according to the APA regulations (7th edition).

The text of the papers will be presented in Microsoft Word format (2010 or higher) not in PDF, following the proposed template.